Sign Maintenance & Repair


Sign Maintenance and Repair – Protect Your Investment

Is your sign burnt out and needs to be repaired? Our experienced, professional and friendly team is on call and ready to handle any sign maintenance and repair needs. Using state of the art technology, Advantage sign technicians are able to troubleshoot and diagnose any sign issues within minutes upon, or even prior to, arriving on site. Our journeyman electricians will then work their magic and get your sign back and running! Frustrated that you have to pay for service calls? Let us design an affordable service plan made for your sign requirements and never worry about calling to have your sign fixed again. It’s that easy with Advantage!

Neon Sign Repairs – Keep Your Message Shining Brightly

Is your neon sign not working properly and losing you valuable advertising opportunities? Advantage has a team of professionals trained for all kinds of neon sign repairs. Let our sign technicians and journeyman electricians troubleshoot and fix the problem so that your sign gets back up and working for you. If your neon sign is continually giving you problems, might we suggest an LED retrofit instead of always needing sign maintenance and repair. Our sales staff would be pleased to outline the benefits of switching your sign to LED. Just click here to contact us and ask for we can incorporate cost-savings LED technology into your business!

LED Sign Repair – Advantage Is Ready to Help

LED lighting systems are a long lasting alternative to other forms of illuminated signs and this technology minimizes the amount of sign maintenance and repair required for a business. In the case where your LED sign is not working perfectly, Advantage can handle any type of LED sign repair. Our friendly and professional team will quickly identify and fix any issues and ensure you continue to showcase a clean, functioning and bright sign to your customers.