LED Replacement Lamps


LED Replacement Lamps – A Worthwhile Investment

Lasting over 100,000 hours, LED lamps and light bulbs are an energy efficient alternative to traditional fluorescents. The experts at Advantage can help you reduce your power consumption by 90% by introducing LED replacement lamps into your current or new signs. We will identify inefficiencies in your current signs and lighting or incorporate the latest LED technologies in a custom sign we can build just for you.

LED Sign Maintenance and Service – Never Worry About Your Sign Going Out

Your sign, or signs, showcase the image and message you want to communicate to others about your business. Advantage wants to make sure your sign keeps shining brightly for all to see through custom LED sign maintenance and service packages designed specifically for your unique needs. We will make regular site visits or use state of the art technology to monitor your sign and identify issues immediately, not days after when someone finally notices. Our maintenance staff will identify where LED replacement lamps should be introduced to avoid having burnt out bulbs.

LED Replacements – Consume 90% Less Energy

Remember, LED replacements are way of the sign industries future. Perfect for any type of lit sign, LED light bulbs are:
  • Long lasting (over 100,000 hours!)
  • Consume 1/10 the power of other lighting alternatives
  • Generate minimal heat
  • Pure white light will never turn yellow when weakening
  • Low maintenance (but when your sign requires it, Advantage is ready to serve)

Replacement LED Light Bulbs

Advantage has a large stock of replacement LED light bulbs in our warehouse that we can deliver to you immediately. We also have a team of sign maintenance experts who will tackle any sized job, from small interior signs to parking lot lamps, and install the LED replacement lamps for you!