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Billboard RentalBenefits Of Billboard Advertising By selecting billboard signs as your preferred advertising medium, you are choosing the most high-impact, cost-effective medium. With the advances in technology today, you have limitless possibilities for the design of your company's billboards. Here are a few benefits of choosing billboard advertising over other media:
  1. Billboard advertising grabs the attention of potential customers like no other form of advertising
  2. One of the most cost-effective mediums of advertising
  3. Brand awareness and strong name recognition
  4. Colorful, creative and eye-catching ads have more impact
  5. Reaches out to thousands of people on a daily basis
  6. Targets a specific audience according to location
  7. Ads are not lost in the mix of competitors and editorials
  8. Messages are delivered continuously and frequently
Directs potential clients and customers to your place of business These are but a few of the many advantages that billboard advertising has. With so many benefits, it's no wonder that so many business owners are using billboard advertising today.

Vehicle Count

The City of Fort Saskatchewan Planning and Engineering Department figures for vehicular traffic along the Highway 15/Highway 21 corridor from Highway 15/114Street to Highway 21/Westpark Blvd. list daily counts of over 35,000 vehicles daily. These numbers reflect vehicle counts only and should be adjusted upward by number of persons per vehicle.