Electrical Safety Signs

Electrical Safety Signs – Warn of Potential Electrical Hazards

Mark public, private or workplace electrical hazards with electrical safety signs. Increase awareness about the potential risks and hazards of high-voltage areas to those working with or around electrical equipment and reduce the potential for injury at your facility or jobsite.

Electrical Safety Labels – Outline Safety Protocol

Clearly outline the exact nature and avoidance procedures of electrical hazards through electrical safety labels. Advantage has a wide variety of labels that can be attached to switch plates, electrical panels, conduits or machinery. Also, place safety labels near your electrical safety signs and provide maximum information about risk assessment and procedures.

Electronic Safety Signs – Showcase Safety Success

Electronic safety signs, or scoreboards, are the easiest way to inform your workplace about most recent worker safety accomplishments, such as number of days without accident. Providing real-time accurate readings improves worker moral, productivity and overall awareness of electrical safety.