Safety & Environment


Safety and Environment

At Advantage Signs Ltd we have a goal of “zero incidents” and we are committed to making this outcome a reality for our projects. We believe in consistently measuring and improving safety performance due to this philosophy. We have been successful in achieving a Certificate of Recognition (COR) for many years.

We support a Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program and through a combination of training, observation, reward and discipline we are working towards eliminating all “at-risk” behavior in the work place.

We educate and train through:

  • Work site orientation
  • Weekly “toolbox” meetings
  • Safety meetings
  • Hazard awareness and identification
  • Specific equipment and task training
  • Specialized and specific training (first aid, fall arrest, LSE)

We observe by:

  • Frequent site inspections from all levels
  • Planned job observations
  • Near miss / incident / accident investigations
  • Safety audits

On our project sites everyone has a responsibility towards accident prevention and everyone is accountable. There is a clear demonstration of the involvement of senior management in all aspects of the safety program. Management and supervision staff are evaluated on safety performance; recognized and rewarded accordingly.

An injury and accident free workplace is our goal. Through continuous safety and loss control improvement efforts, we work toward this goal every day.