Freestanding Signs

Freestanding Signs – A Sign That Supports Itself

A sturdy sign that rises above the rest, freestanding signs are built simple to ornate and of all different sizes. By a road or highway, on a lawn, in a construction zone or even nestled within a beautiful garden, freestanding signs ensure your message is clearly visible for all to see. They can also be used in front of buildings to direct traffic, like at malls or complexes, or to identify specific entrances. No matter how large or small, Advantage will ensure all of your signage vision becomes a reality.

Monument Signs – A Classy Alternative to Other Freestanding Signs

If you are looking for a unique, high-end custom freestanding sign, consider investing in a monument sign from Advantage Signs. Choose from a variety of materials, such as stainless steel and stucco, and have the option of including LED lighting for an even more distinct look. Because monument signs are not generally very high, your company gains ground level visibility from passing traffic. Plus, they can be built single or double sided – you choose based on your specific location!

Pylon Signs – Get Your Message Seen Above the Rest

This popular freestanding sign option provides unlimited potential for unique customization. Pylon signs can be single or double-sided, illuminated or non-illuminated and made with a variety of materials.

Often used in multi-tenant commercial plazas, pylon signs can be built on a single pole or multiple poles, depending on your environmental requirements. Design your company outdoor sign double-sided, and leverage optimal advertising space and visibility.

Let the team at Advantage Signs either renovate your existing pylon sign or design and build a brand new sign that’s sure to draw attention to your business.