Channel Letters

Channel Letters – A Great Sign Option, One Letter at a Time

With so many different variations to choose from, channel letters have become a very popular choice for both exterior and interior signage. Let the experts at Advantage work with you to understand what style of channel letters will best communicate your advertising message and give you the most return on your investment.

Channel Letter Signs – Outline Your Message Clearly

The opportunities for creating a bold and distinctive sign are endless with channel letters. Our design, manufacturing and installations teams at Advantage have made us industry leaders in channel letter signs.

Looking for a more simple, yet sophisticated, channel letter sign that has a custom shape, is three dimensional and lights up using the latest LED technology? Then a standard channel letter sign from Advantage is exactly what you need.

Or perhaps you’re interested in a ‘halo’ lighting effect for a contemporary and elegant appearance? Reverse channel letter signs are three-dimensional and built so that each channel letter has light coming out the back and washes the mounted surface with a gorgeous glow.

Advantage Signs also can design, manufacture and install open channel letter and front & backlit channel letter signs that use both LED and neon lighting.

Ask the experts at Advantage which style of channel letter sign is right for your business!