“I know what I DON’T want!”

“I know what I DON’T want!”

This is oftentimes the statement we in the sign business hear, by customers looking for a sign.

And it’s a fair statement.  We all have gone shopping for a new purchase, occasionally with some set prerequisites, which are often, well…what we don’t want.

We hear: no blue, because the business next to my future sign has blue in it. Or, I don’t want a sign that’s flush with the building, I want it to project outwards. Or, I don’t want to use the existing floodlights on my sign; I want it lit from within.

You get the idea.

And just as you’d trust the expertise of the older guy in the suit at Tuxedo Palace or the self-described geek at the Computer Inc. store, we think you can trust us for such an important decision as the “visual marketing” of your business or service.

We’re more than happy to hear “I know what I DON’T want!” Actually, we think it’s a pretty excellent place to begin.

Besides expertly knowing our way around your options when based on budget perhaps or best visual impact, our salespeople are trained to ‘see’ many times that you may not be aware of. We have experience in the possible limitations for that location, or that zoning restriction; often saving a lot of headaches for you.

You may find out that the flat-faced sign you thought might work, would actually be lost between the awning on either side of you; something you didn’t consider. Or that a pylon sign would better serve you then the 3 signs you wanted on the building, because of how close the bylaws would let you set it to the edge of the property (translation: to the traffic!!).

Heck, our designers can even show you your potential signage visually transposed directly onto your property, to scale, and even in daytime/nighttime mode!

Come make our day! We have umpteen possibilities for your signage, and think you deserve to hear all of them for your WINNING signage!

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Posted on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 at 10:55 am. Categories: Education.

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