Custom Neon Signs

Custom Neon Signs – A Bright Way to Attract Customers

Does your business need a sign that lights up? Custom neon signs are the earliest product for lighting up signs and, although they are slowly being replaced by LED lighting, neon signs are still a popular choice for both outdoor and indoor signage. A common style for custom neon signs are skeleton neon, but let the experts at Advantage Signs help you find the sign that’s right for you!

Want a sign that lights up and is energy efficient? A custom LED sign might be what you need.

Neon Bar Signs – A Trademark Feature of Your Bar, Pub and Hotel

Stand out from the competition with a custom neon bar sign from Advantage Signs. Advertise your business name, specialty drinks and other important messages on custom neon signs designed just for you and attract customers to your building. Custom neon bar signs can be hung in the window, on the exterior or interior walls and can be left on 24 hours a day.

Neon Sign Repair – Get Your Sign Back up and Running

Is an unlit or partially lit sign leaving your business in the dark? The Advantage team includes technicians who are specially trained in neon sign repair and can get your custom neon sign back up and running.

We can also discuss alternative, more economical, custom neon sign repair options that use the latest LED technology and cut down on costly repairs and saving you high electricity costs.

Neon Open Signs – Advertise You Are Open For Business

Avoid confusion of your business hours with a brand new, bright neon open sign. Let customers know you’re ready to serve them the second doors open and also include your hours of operation if you’d like. These custom neon signs from Advantage are easy to install and maintenance free!