Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs – Help Customers Find Their Way

Use wayfinding signs to communicate simple messages and provide directions to guests, visitor and employees. Sleek and simple, these signs can be mounted or stuck to any flat surface and are used in a variety of settings. Plus, you can easily update your message, symbol or name on each sign by simply switching out the artwork Advantage has extensive experience working with companies, large or small, to determine appropriate places for wayfinding signs. We have a large selection of standard signs but can also design and manufacture custom signs based on your specific needs. We are trained in identifying appropriate wayfinding routes to ensure your stakeholders receive the right messages and directions.

Way Finding for Hospitals, Parking Lots, Schools – Signage That Leads the Way

With an extensive in-house inventory and access to top of the line products, Advantage has been the go-to supplier and installer of way finding signs for hospitals, parking lots, schools, industrial plants and more. We are trained in working in these types of environments and can consult with you to identify an appropriate layout for your wayfinding sign route – ensuring people get to where they need to be without confusion or hassle.

Wayfinding Signage – Not Just For Your Parking Lot

  • Wayfinding signage can be used in a variety of ways, including:
  • Identifying areas or room numbers within an office or school setting
  • Guiding traffic in large parking lots or high congestion areas
  • Showcasing the title and artist of art pieces in galleries and museums
  • Highlighting special areas of interest within a building or park
  • Identifying hazardous areas and safety signals within a worksite and office building
  • Displaying employee names outside of offices and cubicles
At Advantage, we offer a comprehensive solution for all your wayfinding signage needs. From suspended signs, flag signs, main directory signs, double sided or triangle pylons, post signs personal table signs and more, we’ve got your directional signage covered. Advantage Signs is also committed to meeting the needs of people with visual limitations. We carry a variety of ADA compliant Braille signs, perfect for identifying restrooms, elevators, exists, safety equipment, and more.