Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards – A Great to Way to Catch Street Traffic

Looking for an easy way to get more traffic into your business? Advantage Signs can create custom sandwich boards that are sure to catch the eye of anyone walking or driving by. These signs are weatherproof and built for both indoor and outdoor advertising use. Available in a variety of sizes, sandwich boards are sturdy, portable and super easy to store.

A-Frame Signs – Our Selection is Sure to Impress

Advantage signs sells a large variety of a-frame signs, also called sandwich boards, that can be completely customized for your particular needs. Choose from lighter, more economical signs made of PVC to sturdy plywood or metal signs that are less prone to wind. A popular style is molded plastic a-frame signs that have changeable sign inserts for those businesses that need to switch their message more frequently.

An Advantage team member can help identify exactly what type of sign will work best for you based on your unique needs!

Sandwich Board Signs – A Creative Way to Advertise

Let our trained experts design and manufacture custom sandwich board signs unique to your business. Extremely sturdy and perfect for all seasons, sandwich boards can be used for directing traffic at your next event, displaying safety messages to keep your worksite accident free or showcasing daily features at your restaurant.